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 The Nzael Summary

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The Nzael

The average Nzael is around seven feet tall. The smallest of the Nzael are around six feet and the tallest are around nine feet. There are two general body types that the Nzael tend to have, lean or beefy. The lean and small Nzael are often spell-casters or scouts while the ones that are larger and have more muscle mass tend to be the berserkers or warriors. The Nzael tend to be rather reptilian, with an occasional rare case that has its arms, legs and head decorated with dark feathers to match their scale color. They are covered in dark, plate-like scales. Genetics determine whether or not the particular Nzael has horns as well as the colors of its eyes and scales. The face structure is very lizard-like, with a long snout and razor-sharp teeth. Most have a black or a dark blue forked tongue and it behaves like a snake's, with being able to sense. The eyes are slitted, also like a snake's and often a very dark color. The pupils are black while the rest of the eye is all one single color. All Nzael are muscular, with the females being slightly smaller than the males. They have five fingers and five toes, but the feet are shaped for balance, speed, and strength. The fingers and toes are tipped with talons that are obviously sharpened daily. About ten out of every hundred Nzael that are born are born with huge dragon-like wings that fold neatly when not in use. Horn structure is also based off of genetics, ranging from dragon-like, to more antler-like. Nzael are born with long whip-like tails. All-in-all, the Nzael are built for battle and have many natural weapons at their arsenal, although they have many weaknesses. Adventurers will just have to figure them out for themselves, as they are the most well-kept secrets in Nzael lore.

Society in the Nzael realm is based on a caste system, the King and the royal family being the highest in power. The line of Kings always runs in the family. Even females have been known to rise to power when no able sons are available. Below the King are the advisers of the royal court. Next are the military leaders, these Nzael are the strongest in the realm next to the King. Below the military leaders are the knights, then the blacksmiths. The blacksmith profession is the best profession one can strive for, as a blacksmith creates armor and weapons. Below the blacksmiths are the other professions and shopkeepers. Finally are the peasants, the peasant class is actually very small, as it only consists of malformed Nzael who are not fit for battle. It is considered the most vile sin to deny the call to war in Nzael society. Spell-casters, as of recently due to an uprising and a civil war, are now shunned and banished from society. Anyone who is seen practicing magic is immediately executed.

The Nzael often live for hundreds of thousands of years, the oldest living Nzael being over five-hundred thousand years old. Very few know about the history of how the Nzael came to be on their realm. Scrolls have long since been burned in the Civil War. Spell-casters often live longer than berserkers or warriors, though they have yet to figure out why exactly that is.
About five - thousand years ago the first signs of an uprising first surfaced. The uprising was caused mainly from differing ideas on war. The rebels felt that they should try and find allies, whereas the King and his supporters felt that the Nzael should wipe out anyone they see. Alazon, the current and most recent King, grew paranoid. He soon found out that his wife, the queen, happened to be the leader of the uprisings, and put her to death. This sparked a whole new problem, as the uprising force (mainly spell-casters) launched a brutal civil war. Alazon's army swept through the spell-caster ranks, eventually killing around ninety-five percent of them. The new leader of the rebels was now the prince, Kyrian. Kyrian was the most powerful spell-caster of his time, as he had royal blood in him. The Civil War lasted about a hundred years. Eventually the spell-casters were killed off to the point where very few still existed. However, Alazon's army suffered horrible casualties as well. Because of the Civil War, hatchling Nzael are put into tests to judge whether or not they are spell-casters or not. Nzael spell-casters are born into magic, and it is often rare, as the magical gene has been slowly killed off. Berserkers have no magical powers in them whatsoever. Eventually, Kyrian was caught and brought to trial. He was originally to be put to death, but someone helped him escape from his cell, and Kyrian fled the realm. Kyrian is now the first Nzael to ever set foot in human, elven, gnome or dwarf lands in thousands of years. He shifted his bone structure through magic and slowly changed to look like a human. However, this story has faded from mortal stories, and only the oldest texts tell of the Nzael.

The Nzael realm is very much like the realm you and I are used to. However, it is very mountainous and has a chain of volcanoes at the northern most part of the realm. Unlike the mortal realm, the Nzael realm does not curve. It drops off suddenly. It is quite large, with hidden rivers, springs, and mountains. Strangely, there is no snow and it never grows cold there.

The Nzael believe in four Gods. The God of Fire and the Goddess of War are the two most revered Gods, it is illegal to desecrate anything to do with them. The God of Nature is a minor god compared to the other two. Finally, the God of Frost is the shunned one. It is illegal to worship him. It is a well-kept secret as to why the God of Frost is shunned. However, so long as no one desecrates the first two, and no one worships the God of Frost, most Nzael don't care what others worship. The intensity of worship ranges from not worshiping at all, to worshiping as much as the individual can. There are no churches or anything of the like. Most individuals set up shrines in their homes.

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The Nzael Summary
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