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 The Kamitsuno

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Kamitsuno are the mysterious horned beings that just recently emerged into the world. Some have seen it as a bad omen and others as a sign for good things to come. Nevertheless Kamitsuno are considered very exotic but beautiful creatures.

The most noticeable trait the Kamitsuno have is the one horn that protrudes from their forehead. Males have a two pointed horn while females have a single point. Beneath their horn is a thin violet colored membrane in the shape of a diamond. Dark colored spots adorn their shoulders corresponding to their skin. Their skin tones range from pearly white to an almost metallic silver. Lines adorn their body that either glow a soft gold, silver, or light blue. Their ears are wide and pointed, sticking outwards from their head horizontally and covered in fur. They have retractable claws on their hands and feet. Kamitsuno balance themselves on the balls of their feet giving them a slight bounce in their gait. They have a long tail that is feathered and flowing with silken hair. Kamitsuno can have more than one tail depending on genetics. It is extremely rare to have more than 3 tails. The most number of tails a Kamitsuno has been known to have is eight. They believe that those with a large number of tails are destined for greatness. Kamitsuno have fox like eyes that come in a rainbow of colors. Unlike humans and other races they do not have whites in their eyes but violet. They can be 6 to 7 feet tall.

When it comes to fighting, the Kamitsuno have a weapon that is greater than any sword or magic. The Kamitsuno use their minds. They are masters of psionics. Because their bodies are relatively fragile, Kamitsuno use their psychic abilities to protect themselves from threats. The horn functions as a second brain and antenna, storing extensive amounts of memory and data. They can recall every single detail of a memory whether it was from yesterday or a hundred lifetimes ago. The Kamitsuno have no language or writing because they communicate solely through body language and emotions among their own kind. Their history is kept in the minds of all Kamitsuno and in lore shards. They can communicate through their minds with other races, but prefer to simply interact through language to be respectful.

The purple diamond shaped membrane on their forehead is made primarily to transfer information to other races and to breed with their own kind. For example, by placing their membrane to that of a human’s forehead, they would exchange information such as memories. This is how Kamitsuno can learn a language in an instant.

Life and Breeding
Kamitsuno are immortal and do not age. Unlike elves, Kamitsuno do not live forever in one body. In fact, they have a lifespan that is slightly longer than that of humans. These people live exactly for 100 years in one body before they “Die”. When the soul departs, it returns to the Spirit Chasm where the soul sleeps until it is called back into the world again. Later, the soul is reborn in a new body with all their memories from their past lives intact.
Once every year, a group of men and women are brought to the Spirit Chasm to bring the sleeping Kamitsuno back into the world. Through a ritual, these couples place their foreheads to one another and summon souls from the chasm to be reborn. Pregnancy is similar to the other races. The woman is the vessel that nurtures and grants the soul a new body. This is how “breeding” works among their own kind. However, the Kamitsuno are made to reproduce with other races as well. It is only through mating with other races that the Kamitsuno have learned that they can create completely new souls. Even if a Kamitsuno mates with someone outside their race, the child will always be a full Kamitsuno. Since they are relatively new to the world there haven’t been many cross-species relationships with them.

When Kamitsuno are fist born, they are hideous yellow looking creatures with a naked bobbed tail. At this stage of life they are called Yonchu. They keep this appearance until they take the pilgrimage to the Spirit Chasm. The Pilgrimage usually takes a year to complete and Yonchu do not begin this journey until they are 8 years old. Upon reaching the Spirit Chasm they transcend into a metamorphous where they take their true form.

The governing body of the Kamitsuno is located in Auriel Haven. There they have a council of wise Kamitsuno who lead and decide the fate of their people. It originally had four council members all leaders of the four important factions. There is Shinato, keeper of knowledge, Shymei, caretaker of the Spirit Chasm, Kimioru high priest of Sol’tyr, and lastly there was Xelm of the Su’nari the sun warriors. After Xelm’s and the Su’nari’s departure from Auriel Haven, it has been left for Shinato, Shymei, and Kimioru to lead their people. They search for someone with a good heart and strong will to someday take Xelm’s place upon the council.

Legends and Religion

Since the beginning of mortal kind they had simply been regarded as myth. It wasn’t until a few years ago that a small number of Kamitsuno emerged from Auriel Haven located on the highest mountain upon the island of Solaudro. It was only under dire circumstances that the Kamitsuno decided to reveal themselves to the world. For years, the Kamitsuno had waited for the mortal races to mature believing they were no more than children and not ready to interact with an ancient race such as themselves. As conflict continued on amongst the mortals, a powerful faction of Kamitsuno known as the Su’nari, the protectors of their people, came to believe that the mortals would never evolve away from their barbaric life of war and needed to be cleansed from the earth before it was destroyed. Not all Kamitsuno agreed with this though and it caused the Su’nari to break away and pursue their own agenda. Afraid of what the Su’nari had planned, the Kamitsuno knew that they would have to warn the mortal races of the exiles intentions.

The Kamitsuno worship their creators Sol’tyr and the Spirit Chasm. They are referred to as father and mother to Kamitsuno. Sol’tyr is the father. His kingdom lies within the sun. That is why their city Auriel Haven is near the sky so that they can bathe in the warmth of the heavens. It is the dream of all Kamitsuno to gain enlightenment so that they may one day travel the cosmos with Sol’tyr.

The Spirit Chasm, also called Shiv, is the mother. The Spirit Chasm appears to be a vast pool of cyan liquid that is at the heart of a series of caverns. Though it may just appear like a pool, the Kamitsuno claim that Shiv is a sentient being that is the heart of the planet itself. Shiv protects the souls of her children, holding them in her loving embrace until summoned back into the world.

Legend tells that the creation of the Kamitsuno took place eons ago when the planet was in its first year of life. Sol’tyr was once a corrupted being, bent on the destruction of all life. His power was so grand that he could destroy with just a simple thought. When he came across the planet he discovered the Spirit Chasm, a strange creature of divine intellect. No one knows where the Spirit Chasm originated from or how she came to be. Sol’tyr approached Shiv and touched the pools of life in an attempt to destroy her. The waters cut through him and rendered his soul, his life essence falling into the pools. The evil that stained him was cleansed, cast out into the cosmos creating night. Night shows the echoes of the darkness that once plagued Sol’tyr. On that day, Sol’tyr felt love for the first time in his existence. He became pure, a being of holy light. Shiv showed him the beauty of what could be and the wonders of life. His blood that fell into the pool mixed with that of the Spirit Chasm and it was there that the Kamitsuno were born. Shiv and Sol’tyr’s union was complete. Sol’tyr gave his children a task. To protect the Spirit Chasm and the planet itself from anything that may threaten it.
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The Kamitsuno
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