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 Humanity (Intro)

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In recent centuries, the young race of humans has come to the front of power in the world, their strength in numbers and innovation defeating the old ways of the elves. On the western continent of Theros, eleven kingdoms currently attest to the might of the human race. It is well known that while the human race may be admired for its ability to spread and control, as a single entity they are often regarded as contagious and consuming. The fundamental weakness of humanity is their general inability to cooperate amongst each other politically, resulting in religious and territorial divisions that number in the dozens.
One may find, however, that the greatest virtues of humanity are an aptitude towards most every skill and their adaptability. Albeit their short lives, the other races have found that humans are among the most difficult to generalize about. They range from the imperialistic and power-hungry conquerors to the misguided soldiers who serve the Axis war machine. Others are among the most virtuous in the entire world, fighting to defend their homes and even other races without fear. No matter what the endeavor, given their effort and adaptability, a human will overcome.
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Humanity (Intro)
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