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 Humanity (Northerner)

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Hailing from the Northlands, Frostwatch, Stormheim and the northern boundary of the Therosia, the northern humans of Theros are often described as a strong and hearty people, living close in both distance and in spirit with their Dwarven allies. A noble culture, the people of the north are the last amongst humanity to worship the Old Gods. This religious adherence to old deities, and a general acceptance of other races and even magic users, has brewed contempt from many of the other more zealous kingdoms.
It should be noted that even amongst themselves, the northerners have a conflict that finds its roots deep within the mists of history. The northernmost kingdom of Frostwatch has long stood vigil with the Dwarves against ancient evils that live in the frozen north and in the molten lands to the west. In addition to these threats, the universally hated and feared kingdom of Stormheim has continued its raids along the western shores of Theros. With the recent fall of Westamere, the northerners have found themselves hard-pressed to fend off enemies on three fronts, while preparing themselves for whatever the political bickering in the south shall unveil...
You come from a people of strength and pride. Shall you continue in your fathers' footsteps and protect your sacred world, or shall you find a new path for yourself and steer away from the old?
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Humanity (Northerner)
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