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 The Dwarves

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In the northeastern mountains of Theros reside a people who have existed since the elder days of elves. Mortal, but long-lived, these short yet stout Dwarves craft their wonderful cities beneath the mountains. They are reputed for often being friendly towards all races, and standing strong for friends where everybody else has sat in darkness. During the past half-century of genocide against the Forest Elves, the Dwarves have valiantly guarded their borders and defended refugees while openly defying the Axis war machine. Having little interest in the politics of the world, the Dwarves remain united under the high king since their very birth as a race. Though also known as terrible drunkards, the people of the world find the Dwarves to be the greatest of friends. When one is in dire need, they can expect a dwarf to stand beside them, though short and intoxicated they may be.
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The Dwarves
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