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 Forest Elves

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To the east of Theros, neighboring the Dwarven kingdom of Markan, an immense forest has rested beneath the heavens since the world's very inception. The people of the Vale have lived as a peaceful and harmonious culture through all time, caring for the races of the world almost as much as the natural order. Though often hidden in shadows, the tranquil Forest Elves will step out from the tree when their world must be healed. Within the past half century, this immortal race has been affronted by the expansive Axis Empire of humans and high elves, suffering catastrophic losses to their home and people. Despite this, however, the Forest Elves had remained ever loving towards the High Elves and humanity as a whole, certain that the people of the Axis empire will change their ways. Militarily and physically inferior to their conquerers, the Forest Elven defense against this onslaught is failing. This beautiful race of people is dying out. Can they be preserved, or will they fade into the shadows of history?
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Forest Elves
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