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 A Traveler's Guide to Mythical Beasts and Creatures Vol. 1

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A Traveler's Guide to Mythical Beasts and Creatures Vol. 1 Empty
PostSubject: A Traveler's Guide to Mythical Beasts and Creatures Vol. 1   A Traveler's Guide to Mythical Beasts and Creatures Vol. 1 EmptyMon Mar 25, 2013 4:54 pm

<The front cover depicts numerous creatures, including dragons, sea serpents, fairies, and treants. The title is centered up top. The book is divided into different volumes, but the cover page stays the same. At the bottom, the author is printed. Same along the spine. Both read in fancy blue lettering, "Silvas Priderunner.">

<First Page>
<The pages are written in flowing, cursive lettering. The color is black>

"I see you have picked up my first volume of A Traveler's Guide to Mythical Beasts and Creatures. In this book you will find creatures of the Fae variety. Some examples are sprites and fairies. It is also worth noting that these volumes are not COMPLETE guides to ALL creatures. It is impossible for anyone to complete such a task. However, you will find a fairly large catalog of creatures in these volumes. So, read on, and good luck!"
<The ending is signed with his name.>

<Page 2 is blank.>

<Page 3>
<The following pages are written in a dark blue ink.>


"Sprites are mischievous little creatures. Sprites come in many variations, depending on the location. Wood Sprites, Frost Sprites, and Fire Sprites are among the most common. They are small, about the size of large insects. Wood Sprites often have bark-like skin, while Frost Sprites have blueish-white skin and Fire Sprites have red skin. I assume that they use this adaptation to avoid predators. Their hair also corresponds to their location. They also tend to have insect like wings. Usually butterfly or dragonfly-like.

Wood Sprites tend to live in trees, while Fire Sprites like to live in ash or near a source of heat. Frost Sprites tend to make little houses under the snow as well. They are very adept builders, Sprites. They live in colonies; the colony's size depends on the size of their territory.

Now, Sprites are VERY territorial. They will swarm like bees if you disturb their homes. My best advice is to jump into water or to deal with them how you deal with swarming bees. Giving them candy works as well.  So long as you stay your distance, you should be fine.

From what I have seen, Sprites are mischievous little buggers. It seems as if they love pulling jokes on one another. They also seem to enjoy mirrors... either for staring at themselves or just because mirrors are pretty.

Sprites tend to eat honey and nectar, but they love candy. Unless you want their honey, sprites have no other alchemical uses or such that I have heard tell of.

<Page 4>

<The page next to the description holds a drawing of three sprites. One is a Wood Sprite, one is a Fire Sprite, and the last is a Frost Sprite. They all have vaguely elf-like features and faces. The Wood Sprite has bark-like skin and clothes made out of leaves and flower petals. It has bright green hair. The Fire Sprite has flaming red hair, and bright red skin. It has small flames surrounding a majority of its body. The Frost Sprite has pale blue skin, and hair like frost. It seems to have acquired a dark blue cloth to use as clothing. All three look haughty and mischievous. All of them have either butterfly or dragonfly-like wings.>

<Page 5>


Nymphs are very beautiful creatures that enjoy using their beauty to get what they want. They are very free creatures, and almost all are female. It is really quite . .  . strange to see a female creature acting so free and promiscuous; without reign from a male figure. I ran into one personally, although I did not let her wiles get to me.

The two variations that I noticed are water and plant nymphs. Water nymphs often have seaweed like skin and hair. They, obviously, live in the water. Plant nymphs tend to live in forests. They tend to have flowers adorning their hair and body. Very rarely does one see a nymph with clothes.

From what I have seen they are very nature-oriented. They can often grow plants and vegetation on command. If you manage to make one angry, just compliment her on her beauty. Or give her a gift of pearls, gems, or jewelry.

Nymphs have no alchemical uses, although the gems and pearls they collect can be worth something.

<Page 6>

<This page holds a picture of a Water Nymph and a Plant Nymph. The Water Nymph is sitting a log on a shoreline, while the Plant Nymph is sitting in a tree. Both have a lack of clothes. Both have light green skin, although the hair of the Water Nymph is the color of seaweed. The hair of the Plant Nymph is the color of leaves. They are both looking into the distance.>

<Page 7>


Now, you probably have heard of Unicorns. There are Unicorns in the fairy tales that you tell your children. The REAL unicorns, however, are very different. Their magical power is extraordinary, and so is their strength. They live in herds, often in fairy-occupied forests. Regardless of common knowledge, they can be as varied in color as regular horses. Black and white are the rarest and most coveted, however. They are very majestic creatures; and very nature-oriented.

It is very difficult and taxing to befriend a Unicorn; but if you do you will have a loyal friend and ally for life.

It would be VERY unwise to kill or anger a unicorn. If you harm one, the rest of its herd will stop at nothing to avenge the wounded one. I have not a clue on how to kill one, other than ambush. A herd often sticks together; so it is difficult.

The horn has amazing alchemical properties. I have never killed a Unicorn. I acquired a horn by collecting one from a fairy. The horns seem to fall off when a Unicorn dies.  

<Page 8>

<The picture features a rearing black Unicorn.>

<Page 9>


Faeries are probably one of the most commonly heard of creatures. Considering that they are the focus of many fantasy tales. They have very beautiful, and about the same size as sprites. They come in many variations. Some have flame-red hair, while some have brown hair. They are as varied as humans are. However, they are more elven in form. They have pointed ears and very beautiful features. They have wings of course; usually wings that resemble insect wings. They are very skilled with magic, so it would be best not to pick a fight with one. If you do pick a fight with one, be prepared to fight with many. Faeries defend their friends and family, and even faeries that they are strangers to. The safest bet would be to run, but if you insist on fighting you should dull their magic.

It is far more helpful to befriend a faerie than to fight one. They can give you multiple blessings and magical items. They often live in very secluded glades. It is VERY hard to find a faerie glade. They also tend to have guardians. It is worth noting that they are very attuned to nature, like most Fae beings. Perhaps the most attuned of all Fae beings.

I have met one faerie myself; she left the faerie sanctuary to apparently go on an adventure. She seemed very interested in any information I could give her about the varying cultures around the world. I told her of the good, and of the bad. In return she told me of the Fae culture. She would not tell me any important secrets however. For obvious reasons of course.  She even let my wife paint a portrait of her; the picture on page ten is indeed the same faerie. I spent several weeks in my camp so that I could speak to this faerie. Over time, I learned that her name was Aura because she could actually see auras. Aura was generous enough to allow me to watch her perform nature magic. She grew flowers, grass, and even a small tree. Alas, the time to leave grew ever so closer, however. Aura begged to come with my wife and I. She stated that she was bored of her sanctuary life. She could not come with us; however, I made a deal with her. I said that I would come and visit every month if she agreed to teach me nature magic. She agreed. I am due to visit her again next month.

<Page 10>
<The page depicts a very beautiful faerie with short and spiky dark blue hair and gray eyes. She has black dragonfly wings and clothes made out of leaves. She has rather tan skin and colored fingernails. Her expression is one of intense boredom.>

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A Traveler's Guide to Mythical Beasts and Creatures Vol. 1
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